Rugs for a Cause


A treasure today… an heirloom tomorrow…

l_sh25702 001Alpha Oriental Rugs strives to keep the art of rug weaving alive by promoting the art work of skilled craftsmen. Alpha Oriental Rugs has mastered this art since 1995, and has an exclusive team of artisans, designers with color and dyeing experts. This ensures the incorporation of latest design trends in every rug that leads special sheen and fastness to the colors. Our rugs are woven by the traditional warps and wefts (TANA BANA), which are the basic components of all textiles woven on the wooden adjustable looms, which differs in sizes. The best quality, hand spun lamb’s wool of our rugs comes from 8 and 14 months old live animal’s flanks and shoulders. We specialize in double and single knotted rugs weaved by Persian Senah knot in master workshop, village and tribal nomadic category rugs.

Alpha Oriental Rugs are ‘One of a Kind art pieces’ because each rug depicts a story of the weaver’s geographical surroundings and environment they live. The art of Oriental rug weaving has been historically transitioned down through families from mother to daughter and father to son. Mission of Alpha Oriental Rugs is to provide dignity and respect to the weavers and their families. Alpha Rug has been a source of motivation and encouragement for the weaver’s families by providing community centers and schools for their children, medical facilities and paying reasonable wages.


Your purchase of a rug will support a child to feed and educate.