Thanksgiving 2016

Alpha Ministries Update October – November 2016

Dear Friends & family,

In May 2016, ESL program was started with 5 immigrant students. Thankful for the dedication of our 3 volunteer teachers. At present 18 students are enrolled from different countries. On October 31st, ESL student get together was organized. Evening began with a prayer and worship. Students shared their stories that how ESL program gave them a confidence of communication. One of the Hindu students Depali disciple by Ghazala shared her incredible testimony of faith. ESL students presented a song and ethnic cuisine from many part of the world was shared.

Best Wishes

Amoon & Ghazala

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South Asian Fellowship August 13, 2016

South Asian Fellowship August 13, 2016                                

“Let your wings of forgiveness flutter and take you into a garden where the flowers of peace blossom.” dodinsky

  Dear Friends,

On behalf of South Asian Fellowship we hope you all had a wonderful summer though some days were humid with extreme heat, but we know fall is not far and we enjoy nature’s beautiful gift of fall foliage. Every day media reflects tragic incidents around the world and in our country. In the last few weeks tragic events happened in Louisiana, Minnesota, and now Dallas, it makes more evident that we need God Almighty more than ever. Even in the campaigns for the upcoming elections we have witnessed distrust, revenge, and anger from both parties. We see no one to lead us and guide us. To whom shall we go? Our differences seem to lead us even farther apart. Let us call upon God Almighty who can save us, give leaders who can lead us to reconciliation, unite us, to heal our wounds, and not those who will only provoke more hate.  In this context theme for the South Asian Fellowship for August 13th will be How I can be an Ambassadors of Peace.

Thankful to Anisa Gandhi who volunteers as a dedicated, dependable and compassionate teacher for SAF’s English as a Second Language program.

Meeting on Saturday August 13th, 2016 4pm to 6pm will be at Faith Fellowship Ministries, 2707 Main Street Extension, Sayreville NJ 08872.

 SAF offers FREE English as a Second Language classes for immigrants who want to succeed in mainstream America and for better job opportunities can join ESL classes held on every Monday 6:30 to 8:30pm at FBCM 225 Middlesex Ave, Metuchen, NJ 08840. Please spread the word among your respective communities.

 Peace and Blessings,

Amoon & Ghazala

Cell: 917-207-2310




Thought provoking Holocaust Memorial Service

On May 4, we had the privilege to participate in the Holocaust memorial service at JCC of Middlesex County at Oak Tree Road in Edison. It was a great service in honor to commemorate 6 million Jews who were killed. We had an opportunity to listen to the testimonies of survivors and Clergy Association of Edison and Metuchen paid a great tribute for all the life that were lost in horrific act of violence because of one man.